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March 26, 2020

So, your weekly campaign was put on hiatus due to the Covid-19 outbreak. You've never played

online before, you don't have an account for an online gaming platform like Roll 20, or don't have the time to dedicate to learning it. You have physical maps and minis, and don...

March 25, 2020

A few months back, our contributor Matthew McCloud introduced us to Marvel Crisis Protocol, a

tabletop miniatures fighting game that players of games like Warhammer 40K Kill Team, Necromumda, or even the Song of Ice and Fire minis game will find familiar. I've been a fa...

March 18, 2020

So, much of the world is stuck indoors right now due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Many people are working from home, practicing social distancing, or even quarantined due to the spread of this highly infectious virus. If you're a tabletop gamer, you may be used...

March 11, 2020

Culturefly created yet another Pusheen Mystery Box that I absolutely love! 

This Quarter's theme is BAKING!

If you know me well, I absolutely LOVE to cook! And this quarter's Pusheen Box just inspires me to create more cute confections and food. Stay tuned, because I mig...

March 3, 2020

Getting a group together for a weekly D&D game is tough. Most role-players gather with a set group of players to run or play the next chapter of a series of adventures in a campaign book that the party is trying to get through. All role-playing gamers know how hard it...

This past Friday, Geeks A Gogo dropped by Toy de Jour in Chicago's Logan Square  neighborhood to check out Walrus Mania, an art show featuring custom toys and artwork. The theme, as you Star Wars fans may have guessed, was Ponda Baba, also known as the Walrus Man from...

February 25, 2020

I ended up writing this article because I was inspired by this photo that's been going around Facebook today.

Chicago is full of diverse cultures and amazing places to eat and shop. Here are a few places I highly recommend for you to try.

P.S. - I also included my own pi...

February 22, 2020

We had a chat with game designer Pelle Nilson and graphic designer Johan Nohr about 'Mork Borg' -- their dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game that Free League Publishing will release under the company's imprint for products developed by outside companies. Ockult Örtm...

February 19, 2020

Northwest Indiana Comic Con has been going on for six years now, and we've attended it every

year. It's a great event that typically kicks off the convention season, often happening about a month or so before Chicago's largest comic convention, C2E2. It's a great show f...

February 14, 2020

This past weekend, Birds of Prey was supposed to be the new, big thing from the DC Universe. This outing focused on the popular character Harley Quinn, played by A-list actress Margot Robbie, supported by several other lesser-known characters against some well-known vi...

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