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What the <bleep> is Geeks A Gogo?

Cosplay Tips and Tutorials

Our Founder and CEO, Monica (aka Paraluman Cosplay), is a competitive and award-winning cosplayer. She loves showing tips and tricks in cosplaying. Check out her portfolio, features and lookbooks here.

Game Reviews

We have quite a number of game reviews on our Youtue Channel! The games we review range from Kickstarter exclusives to games we see at gaming conventions. Feel free to contact us if you would like us to review your game!

Here's our playlist for :

Boardgame Reviews

Kickstarter Features

Unboxing Videos

One of the things we enjoy doing is unboxing videos! We have partnered with CultureFly and GeekFuel to bring you interesting and entertaining unboxing videos. Head over to our YouTube Channel for more videos. 

RPG Reviews

Our partnership with DriveThruRPG has enabled us to bring you reviews weekly! Check out our growing list of reviews here.

We've interviewed some well-known RPG writers and designers in our Youtube Channel. Check it out!

Promote Geek Events

Geeks A Gogo was founded by Monica Gonzales. She decided to create this website because she knew most, if not all of the geek events in the area, most people who know her from conventions would ask her what the next comic book convention or geek event will be. Being resourceful, she has gathered all geek events that she could find and put it on an online calendar for all to see! A good way for her to just say, "Check out my website - you'll find my geek calendar there!".


With details and links to each event, it's so easy to see that whether you geek a little or geek a lot --we've got an event for you!

Geek Event Coverage

As much as we love promoting events, we also love attending them!


We love taking lots and lots of pictures, check out the different features in the events and most importantly we absolutely love meeting new people who are extremely talented and entertaining (most of which we become friends with). We love featuring artists and businesses who have the same passion as we do with all things geek. 


We've attended probably a few dozen events in 2015, so check out our coverage from each one. Come find out which one you'd find interesting, or simply see if you and your friends have pictures in any of our photo galleries. W,hat's itand what makes it interesting? Give people the info they need to go ahead and take the action you want.

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Talk About Our Geeky Lives

We're a bunch of geeks and we love writing about our geeky lives. Check out our home page for our favorite and featured articles. And click on the button below to get to know our team!

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