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#StressFreeCosplay : Quick Build DC Comic's Raven

This is the first of many #StressFreeCosplay build guides I will be creating for our Cosplay Fundamentals section on our website. For this Quarter, I created a guide for DC Comic's Raven.

Raven is such a popular build, and also one of the easiest - making her my first choice for the #StressFreeCosplay series. Luckily we have a lot of these items that is easy to find in stores and online.

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Click on the images to see shopping options for each item.


Quite possibly the most recognizable look that Raven has is her cloak. No matter which color you choose for this item (black, dark blue, purple) - people will definitely identify you as Raven when you don this item. I will be customizing mine by adding a peaked edge to the hood that resembles the hooked cloak in the comic books.


The second most recognizable look that Raven has is her hair. For my build, I picked the ombre wig below. And I added a lace front version as well for those who prefer that type of wig.

Bodice and Leggings

You really can't go wrong with choosing the bodice for this character. Pick whichever one of these or pick a combo and layer the items to create your look for Raven's bodice.

Belt and Loose Stones

Save yourself time by buying either one or both of these items - a ready-made Raven belt and some loose stones. Both come in a very affordable price!

This is a pic of my Raven Cosplay using the items listed in this blog post. Photo by Kamisky Kandids. Armor and epaulets post coming soon.

Extra Details

For my build, I am adding the following elements to customize my look. This includes different colors and sizes of feathers, black heat transfer vinyl, and small skulls for details.


I absolutely love these prop crows! I am excited to incorporate them to my photoshoot for this build. And the light-up book is just so perfect. Look below on the effect on my photo!

Body Paint (Optional)

I decided to include both the classic face paint and the liquid form. I will be using the liquid to try out my make-up airbrush.

Here are other alternative items I considered for this build:

What do you think? Not bad for a list of easily sourced items to build your cosplay!

Let me know if there's a particular character you want me to make next.

I would love to see your spin on these items! And when you do - make sure to tag us when you make your own from this list at #StressFreeCosplay and @GeeksAGogo or #GeeksAGogo on all social media platforms.

I will be building my armor pieces soon. So keep an eye out on our social media pages for updates!

Watch me build my cosplays on our Twitch channel!

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*All links above contain affiliate links. At no cost to you, you are able to show your support for our website by purchasing the following items with the links provided for each item.


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