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Back to Adepticon!

In-person gaming conventions are on the comeback now that the Covid-19 pandemic is winding down, and this has made for a crazy few days of gaming in the Chicagoland area this past weekend. First, there was Gary Con up in Lake Geneva, WI, celebrating the life of Gary Gygax, one of the main creators of the popular game Dungeons and Dragons. We love attending Gary Con every year--and of course we went up this year again. As well, this weekend--there was Adepticon! One of the best tabletop miniature gaming conventions in the world, just 30 minutes outside of Chicago in Schaumburg, IL. Though we had already booked Gary Con for the weekend, we couldn't miss out on Adepticon, and we got in a few hours on Thursday evening, and in just a few hours had an amazing time!

The first thing that I want to note is that Adepticon is free to attend if you want to just look around or buy something in the vendor hall. It's a great place to do so if you're a miniature war gamer, too. The vendor hall was open until 6 PM, which gives you a good amount of time to just drop in during the day and walk around. It's not a huge vendor hall, it has just a few dozen or so booths, and you can walk the floor in a relatively small amount of time depending on how much shopping you want to do. We found a few great deals on some used Warhammer 40K minis that we can't wait to paint.

Though we didn't have time for it, there is a paint and take run by Reaper minis, and several other painting stations where you can go and see some of the best miniature painters in the world do their thing. Many painting stations are set up in the convention center halls, and we managed to run into a bunch of artists in person whose work we usually just admire from afar on Instagram.

As well, we found a few new painters to follow when we went upstairs to see the Golden Demon gallery. The Golden Demon is awarded to top miniature painters based on their submissions every year at Adepticon--and it's back after a 2-year hiatus due to the Coronavirus pandemic. You can easily drop by Adepticon and have a look at some truly incredible works of miniature art, including individual figures, dioramas, and some incredible large-scale pieces. We included some pics of our favorites:

But if you want to see some of these minis in action, there are plenty of wargaming tournaments going on. The great thing about Adepticon being a smaller-scale event is that those who are playing in tournaments all weekend don't have to miss out on a lot of other things going on, which they might at an event the size of Gen Con. This is one of the bigger draws of Adepticon--all the amazing tournaments, including a Marvel: Crisis Protocol tournament that we're sad we missed out on. Maybe next year...

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