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NEW! Cephalofair Games Website Offers New Products for Gloomhaven Fans

Today during Black Friday, we are so fortunate that we don't really have to go out and beat the crowds to go shopping. We highly advise that everyone stay home, shop online and support small businesses, and if you're shopping for the Gloomhaven fan in you're life or a fan yourself, you are in luck! Gloomhaven publisher, Cephalofair games has just released their new website, full of official Gloomhaven products!

*This article is not sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links*

Here are a few favorites I found on the site.

Pin Collection

I don't know what it is about pins, but I have started collecting them, and these are all on my list! Complete all your Gloomhaven pin collection with this set. Now available on the website. This set is actually on sale now, so check it out here.


I am so happy that these are available now! Get ready to represent your 'team' when convention season comes back again.

You can see me wearing a similar Algox T-shirt on this video I made when I worked for Cephalofair last year at PAX.

Phone cases with your favorite characters

I am so excited for this one, because this particular artwork for the Spellweaver is currently my phone background, and I play this character in our Gloomhaven campaign. Check out the phone case collection here.


You all might be familiar with the artwork of Gloomhaven. Alexandr Elichev created artwork, which you can buy in poster or postcard form. More artwork available on the website here.

Pint Glasses and Mugs

Another exciting addition are these mugs and pint glasses. I am so happy that this is available for purchase now and that it's very affordable.

Other Accessories

There are more swag on the site, like laptop cases, stickers, bags, etc. all come in range of sizes and designs.

Hope you all check out the website and find something fun and exciting for your or your fellow Gloomhaven fans.

Happy Thanksgiving, and stay safe everyone!

From - Monica Paprocki and the Geeks A Gogo team

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