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Book Review: 'Pulp Apocalypse'

The book/zine 'Pulp Apocalypse,' which appropriately came out in July of this year, is an entertaining reference on post-apocalyptic novels with an emphasis on the trashy but entertaining men's action paperbacks that came out during the 70s' and continued through the 90s'. Editor Justin Marriott and the various writers that contributed to this slim but informative volume do include entries on classic novels, young adult books and comics as well -- there is admirable information on work in this genre from different countries as well as black and white versions of the gaudy covers from this genre (it's amazing how many of these post-apocalyptic heroes look like they just left a hair salon).

The book opens with a foreword from Eric Compton, who writes the Paperback Warrior blog, that provides the obligatory context. The contents include a mix of reviews, overviews and interviews.

The reviews include critiques of individual books and individual entries from the likes of ''The Survivalist' to overarching reviews of entire series such as 'The Wingman' (some of these series didn't last too long and not all the reviews are exactly glowing).

There is an interesting article on Laurence James, who was one of several writers to work on the seminal 'Deathlands' series.

If you are interested in this genre and the men's action paperback, this book is a complete bargain.

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