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The Picard Panel at NYCC Hints at an Amazing Series

New York Comicon pulled off a major surprise for Star Trek fans this weekend when, last minute, they added a panel for the most anticipated Star Trek series of all time. Picard!

The amphitheater was antsy as the moderator made his way through the panel introductions. A missed cue from the moderator lead to an early entrance of the man himself, Sir Patrick Stewart, to a full house standing ovation. This left the introductions of his still largely mysterious costars to fall a bit flat. Stewart was quick to correct this oversight, taking the mic and regaling the crowd with lavish praise for his cast mates both personal and professional.

And then it happened… He introduced the Trailer!

And then he did it again! That’s right, we were treated to a full screen double header of this amazing trailer. From here on out its spoiler city for this trailer. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you watch it right now! Maybe twice?

Alright, Lets talk about what we just saw.

JANUARY 23rd! That’s a Thursday in case you’re wondering. This is much earlier than most people, including myself, thought this was going to drop. Already were flying high on great news.

We open on Data in a vineyard painting a picture of a women on a rock in a storm. He hands Picard the brush and tells him to finish it. Picard says he doesn’t know how but Data insists he does. This is some good foreshadowing for 30 seconds from now.

We find a retired Picard at his family vineyard. Going through the routines of a seemingly ordinary life, away from space, away from danger, alone with his guilt. Well, not entirely alone. As the teaser art earlier in the year indicated, he’s got a very awesome dog, a pit bull whom he calls Number One, of course. Stewart is a pit bull lover, who insisted on having a pit bull as his sidekick in the show.

Our call to action arrives in the form of a clearly distressed young women in distress. When she shows up at Picard’s vineyard, he decides to help her. Picard returns to Starfleet headquarters in search of allies and instead finds a cold shoulder and a polite but, firm kick out the door.

Aside from the obvious appearances of characters like Riker and Seven of Nine,

notable flashes to pick up on during this sequence include the Enterprise D hologram, the new communicator badges, the clear lack of respect shown from Star Fleet towards Picard and what appears to be a Soong-type android that bears a striking resemblance to a certain Commander Maddox (the cybernetic researcher from the Next Generation). As well, we see some desert locations that look an awful lot like some of the planets visited by the crew in the original series (perhaps just an Easter egg), and a brief flash of a Borg cube. Who knows where this will lead?

It is clear that Picard has fallen out of favor with Star Fleet for a yet to be revealed but heavily implied mistake that cost lives. His penchant for choosing the moral good over Star Fleet regulations and orders may have finally caught up with him.

One thing that we do know is that, a ragtag group of exceptionally talented misfits are going to be brought together and lead by the greatest captain, no. Admiral? Nay! Human! Of all time. When Star Fleet won’t answer the call for justice, Picard will once again do what HE thinks is right. No matter the cost.


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