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Star Trek Discovery Panel at New York Comic Con 2019

Geeks A Gogo spent Saturday at New York Comic Con this year at Madison Square

Garden to take in some of the many panels discussing popular TV shows. The

convention this year was mostly focused on one thing: Star Trek. This long-time staple of geek culture has seen a huge resurgence in recent years, with a rebooted film franchise, and most importantly, the two recent TV series. Discovery is a popular series, which is about to launch its 3rd season, and in January we will finally see the return of Patrick Stuart in the much-awaited series, Picard. There had been a panel planned for Discovery season 3 going back weeks, and luckily, there was a last-minute addition of a Picard panel. We stayed for both, but lets start with what got us in the door--Discovery!

Alex Kurtsman set the tone for the day quickly and distinctly when asked about the end of season 2 leading into season 3 of Star Trek Discovery. He said, “The beauty of the promise of last season is, if we don’t deliver this season, we failed.” He said it with a matter of fact sincerity. He said it with resolve. He meant it.

Sonequa Martin-Green, feeling the room's palpable growing anxiety quickly took over the discussion by demanding the trailer be run to a rowdy and roaring applause as the lights dropped and silence filled the room.

The trailer quality and special effects were stunning, as has become the standard for Discovery. The content was gripping and exciting. Burnam and Discovery don’t end up in the same place, and it takes her time to find them. Our first look at the flag of the Federation showing a diminished presence. Captain Georgiou wearing a uniform and on the bridge was a surprise to my eyes. What appeared to be Andorians on the offensive against our heroes. The trailer was awesome and you should go and watch it immediately.

The remainder of the panel saw the cast dutifully and sometimes delightfully dodge questions about the upcoming season. However, there was a clear theme to the upcoming season that rang throughout the panel. Hope. Hope that Discovery will bring to a beleaguered and tired Federation, to the grater universe as a whole and to the crew she holds.

Star Trek is often a mirror into ourselves, this was referenced multiple times over the course of the panel. Discovery will continue that theme and bring our real-life struggles both epic and miniscule to the core of their and our journey

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