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Film Review: 'Seeds' a somber oddity

Owen Long's horror movie 'Seeds' is oddly marketed as a creature feature but make no mistake -- this is a psychological horror film in the manner of Roman Polanski's 1965 film 'Repulsion.'

The film features Trevor Long a its trouble hero Marcus, who is house-sitting for his family on the New England Coast. Marcus spends an unhealthy amount of time tinkering with the house's wiring, talking with an imaginary visitor, having nightmares about a plant monster and maintaining a facade of normalcy. Things become complicated when his young niece (Andrea Chen) admits to an unhealthy interest in him.

The performances are solid here but Steven Weisman's script, from a story by Long, uses too many elements that invite comparisons to the many earlier films that provide character studies of fractured personalities (obscurities like 'A Reflection of Fear' from 1972 and 'The Witch Who Came From the Sea' from 1976 with their coastal settings both come to mind). This doesn't significantly mar 'Seeds' and the disparate elements do nicely underscore Marcus's sickness..

Good acting and film-making (the cinematography is beautiful) make the film worth a look for horror fans seeking more sustained chills.

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