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Q&A: Filmmaker Justin Price on 'The Mummy Rebirth'

Geeksagogo recently chatted with Justin Price about his film ‘The Mummy Rebirth’ which is now available for screening.

Geeksagogo: What have been your previous film projects?

Price: Right now we are working on the Franziska Schissler, Danny Trejo led show “Paragon” which is being produced by Khu and Justin Price. We have done great work with Keith Leopard over at Uncork’d Entertainment and you can find all of our films: The 13th Friday, Dark Moon Rising, Alien Reign of Man, and The Dawnseeker, etc.

Geeksagogo:How did you break into film?

Price: Started doing films when I was 14 years old. Really wanted to expand my creative palette and television and film and theater was my home. That remains true today even as times change, that constant never does.

Geeksagogo: What spin were you attempting to put on the mummy sub-genre with this film?

Price: When Khu and I sat down to write “The Mummy Rebirth” we wanted to make something that stayed true to films of old. This is an ode to films like the original Mummy and etc. The story follows Brittany Daniels and Carter as they look to discover a lost city for an evil billionaire ( David Cazares). The Lost city is plagued with many roadblocks and twists and turns as the two treasure hunters unlock an ancient tomb and awaken a mummy. The crux of our story centers around man’s greed to obtain power and ‘The Mummy Rebirth' is on Itunes and Vudu as we speak.

Geeksagogo: I noticed that there was an element of duality in the story as well as a mixture of different cultural influences.

Price: That was a decision made to try and give the audience more to digest. Whenever we tell a story the goal is to ensure the audience has an experience. What is amazing about The Mummy Rebirth is it crosses Egyptian and Africa- centric cannons.

Geeksagogo: Which films and filmmakers have influenced you?

Price: Influenced so much by James Cameron and Christopher Nolan and Khu. Watching real artist has been the greatest achievement of my life. Go out and Buy ‘The Mummy Rebirth’, available everywhere. Thank you for the interview.

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