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Modiphius Entertainment releases new post-apocalyptic RPG content, includes 'Fallout' materi

How many ways can society end?

Modiphius Entertainment appears to be on a real kick with post-apocalyptic settings. Not only has the company released an RPG expansion for its ‘Fallout’ tabletop miniatures game but has released supplements for two other games based on life after the end of the world as we know it – ‘Mutant: Year Zero’ and ‘Legacy: Life Among the Ruins’.

Spokespersons announced the release of the ‘Fallout: Wasteland Warfare’ RPG expansion book on August 1. The product may be playable on its own and will come with downloadable files that include cards with details on weapons and characters.

The company will release a boxed version later this year.

Free League Publishing designed ‘Mutant: Elysium,’ the third supplement for ‘Mutant: Year Zero,’ came out on August 2. Although an expansion, players can run the game on its own.

This supplement focuses on human enclaves trying to survive untainted in a post-nuclear wasteland. Suffice it to say, struggles ensue as four houses compete for supremacy. The game includes cards and a custom map, according to Modiphius.

Modiphius also announced that is accepting orders for two new supplements to its "Legacy: Life Among the Ruins' game -- 'Legacy: the Engine of Life' and 'Legacy: Free From the Yoke.

'Engine' offers new rules and characters options with what appears to be a more optimistic emphasis. The supplement's theme is renewal.

'Free' uses a period setting that follows a revolution. The designers indicated in a prepared statement that the game draws from Slavic fantasy. Readers can find our previous piece on 'Legacy' here.

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