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A peek at the upcoming hard-boiled thriller 'Blood Sugar."

The upcoming novel 'Blood Sugar,' which is due out in November from hard-boiled fiction/neo-pulp publisher Hard Case Crime, has something to distinguish it from the pack. Daniel Kraus, co-author of 'The Shape of Water' (the basis for Guillermo del Toro's Academy Award-winning film) wrote it.

Charles Ardai, editor for the company, expressed pride in the new novel and noted its potential appeal to fans of different genres.

"Blood Sugar’ is a crime novel -- but it's premise (a loner who plans to murder children with deadly Halloween candy -- is certainly one that readers are likely to find horrific.

A complete description of the book's plot may be found here.

"We get a lot of submissions;" said Ardai. "We've published a lot of books. It takes a lot for any book to stand out as new, unique and truly different. But this one does, in spades. You've never read a book like this, narrated in a voice like this -- the voice of a sweet, vulnerable street kid who is nevertheless on the verge of doing something truly terrible. He speaks in an invented street-slang patois that's funny and twisted and like nothing you've read before, and you'll be on his side in no time -- but questioning what it means to be on his side, and aching for him to make a choice to redeem himself rather than go through with his mentor's murderous plan.

When asked whether Kraus will write more books for Hard Case, Ardia responded that "we'd certainly feel lucky if he did. He's a brilliant, brilliant writer.

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