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Horror Film Review -- 'The Cannibal Club'

The Brazilian film 'The Cannibal Club' tries to blend cannibalism with class-conscious dark comedy in a manner recalling earlier films such as 'Eating Rauol.'

The result is surprisingly dry and generally successful.

Writer/director Guto Parente crafts a story that finds bleak humor in a wealthy clique of wealthy, powerful men who engage in cannibalism as a demonstration of their social superiority (think the Camarilla from the RPG 'Vampire; the Masquerade' except with cannibals instead of the Undead).

The script focuses on a bickering-but-loving couple that are having difficulties with their marriage. Otavio (Tavinho Teixeira) the owner of a security firm, has had his prostate removed and is facing a crimp in his love life. His wife Gilda (Ana Rios) engages in extramarital flings with the hired help prior to their winding up on the dining room table. Infighting within the club imposes a further strain on their relationship.

The visuals and musical score suggest a love story, emphasizing the beauty of the setting and the characters. But the script, although smart and well-paced, seems only partially developed at times and concludes with an ending that is logical but oddly rushed.

The performances are excellent and along with Parente's directing promise additional character layers that the movie only partially provides.

Parente's film promises interesting further projects in drama and horror. Viewers seeking an interesting film in either genre should enjoy this on its own modest terms.

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