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Q&A: The RPG 'Slipstream'

One of the tabletop roleplaying games offered by the company Pinnacle Entertainment Group is the 2008 offering Slipstream – Shane Hensley, a spokesperson for the company, described it as “Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers…turned up to 11.”

We spoke with Hensley about the game, which Wiggy Wade Williams wrote and Pinnacle’s CEO Jodi T. Black edited.

Q: What is the premise to Slipstream?

A: Everything that falls into a black hole, and survives, winds up in Slipstream. Fragments of worlds, monsters, heroes, and intergalactic tyrants all call it home.

Q: What support material is out for it?

A: We released several adventures, Figure Flats, and GM inserts for it.

Q: What is coming up?

A: Slipstream is a stand-alone setting for the moment, but many of its fans have added in material from our Fear Agent and Flash Gordon settings.

Q: What is the appeal of the Pulp Space Opera/Sword and Planet genre, in your opinion?

A: The core of "space opera" is high adventure and "planetary romance," which actually means exploring incredible locales and encountering exotic people and creatures. Endless adventure and variety are something everyone in the adventure game hobby can get excited about!

(Editor’s note: Black confirmed that Dave Blewer, Piotr Korys, and Simon Lucas were among the other contributors to the game’s creation).

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