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The King’s Guild

The King who rules over Greycastle has died. The Council of the Wise must convene and choose a new King or Queen. As one of the guild leaders of Greycastle you now have the opportunity to ascend to the throne, if only you can gather the most prestige.

The King’s Guild published by Mirror box games and created by Matthew Austin is my newest game to arrive from Kickstarter. As a game collector there is nothing greater then coming home to find a long anticipated game on your door step.

In The King’s Guild the goal of the game is to build up your guild by gathering resources, building rooms and hiring specialists. All of them earning you different prestige points depending on the difficulty to acquire them. During you turn you can only take one action

Gather, Craft or Expand, you may also sell or play any treasure cards you have earned.

If you Gather you may take up to three resources of one type or two of a different type. If a resource is out of stock you are out of luck. Gems and Magic and only be gathered if you have acquired the rooms to do so. These rooms are limited so you must acquire them quickly. You also have a limited amount of storage to keep your resources, so you must manage wisely.

The Craft option is what you spend your resources on. Spend the resources to acquire the cards which will reward you with gold and a treasure card. Also depending on the type of object you craft you can earn bonus prestige if it compliments some of the rooms you have built for your Guild.

And finally there is Expand which allows you to build a room for your guild or hire a Specialist both which gives you additional bonuses depending on there description. You must room for you specialist to dwell in and many rooms offer additional Prestige if they are occupied.

The King’s Guild is a very easy game to teach which can be good and bad. It’s a great gateway game. Only taking one action per round allows the game to move quickly and smoothly. A new gamer will love this game because its easy to understand and there isn’t a lot of downtime between turns. Experienced players may be a little disappointed because there isn’t a whole lot of depth to the game. Most players are going to do pretty well at this game.

Over all I think The King’s Guild is a great game, it’s fast paced, it’s simple and it’s engaging, It has great table presence, nice components and is very colorful. If your looking for a light game or you are new to gaming then this is the game for you.

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