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Q&A: Pulp Publisher Tommy Hancock

We recently chatted with new Pulp publisher Tommy Hancock about his influences and offerings.

Q: Could you tell us about the background of your company?

A: Pro Se Productions began first as a company that was just looking for a way to turn interests in creative pursuits into something more. My partner, Fuller Bumpers, started the company and came to me seeking a way to do just that. We toyed with audio drama, even recorded bits and pieces, but this was 2010, when the New Pulp Movement, though not officially named that yet by anyone, and I ended up writing for one of the outfits doing it, thanks to Derrick Ferguson, Ron Fortier, and Rob Davis. That gave me the incentive and idea that Pro Se might be able to dip its toe into that, so we started with a line of magazines harkening back to classic Pulps. A year later we made the leap into books and anthologies.

Q: Who are some of the characters that appear in your publications? Is it a shared


A: We have multiple universes within Pro Se and with over three hundred books we publish, I know I won't list enough to make everyone happy. Barry Reese's THE PEREGRINE, LAZARUS GRAY,

GRAVEDIGGER, and most of his other work is a part of our catalog. Derrick Ferguson's DILLON makes his home at Pro Se. Nancy A. Hansen's HANSEN'S WAY contains her own fantasy world or two. Gary Phillips, NATE HOLLIS hangs his hat with us. We also have licenses to produce work in the HEROIC PUBLISHING and AC COMICS universes and are working on finally getting out our JAY PISCOPO/NEMO COMICS book as well. We have just so much more that I could list, but this is an interview, not a book.

Q: Do you have advice for aspiring writers or publishers in this or related fields?

A: Just Write. And read what You want to write. And write every day, even if it's just a sentence. And don't stop. Focus on what you want out of your writing, if that's money, passion, or whatever. But, also, don't forget whatever got You to writing first.

Q: Do you have any favorite writers or characters in the genre?

A: Well.... see, here's the thing. I don't see Pulp as a Genre at all. Never have. Pulp is a STYLE of writing that can fit any genre. Genre is something that is used to classify stories in certain groups that share certain specific things (cowboys in westerns, spaceships in Sci Fi, Dragons in Fantasy). Now, all those things can be and are being mashed up more and more every day, but Pulp...if you look at Pulp for those things You will find that ALL THE THINGS IN ALL THE GENRES CAN AND ARE IN PULP:) It's more about how a story is written, and that is usually (not always), but usually plot oriented with exciting, sometimes over the top characters and at a very

rapid pace, with character and story development happening between the gunshots, as it were.

Q: What in your opinion is the appeal of the genre?

A: That part is easy, the Pulp Style appeals because everyone has a genre they like and people enjoy being able to read things that are quick and don't necessarily require you to invest every part of you to enjoy. Pulp is visceral, it is the ultimate literary jump scare, a shot of adrenaline in words and print. You get in fast and you get out fast.

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