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Like Beer? Like D&D? You'll Love Emporium's 3 Floyd's Taproom Event

Geeks A Gogo stopped by Emporium Pop-Ups in Chicago (known for their Stranger Things pop-up event last year) for their Cimmerian Ark event, which celebrates the beers of 3 Floyd's brewing company. This awesome event is great for beer lovers who appreciate good craft beer--but also, it's an awesome event if you're into gaming and comic books. The event runs through August 26th, and features a free D&D tournament today, August 19th, a costume contest on the 22nd, and even a comicbook signing on the 23rd for 3 Floyd's Alpha King comic from Image comics!

Check out this amazing decor! And if you're 21 or over, be sure to stop by for one one of their amazing beers.

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