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Find Your Purpose--and A New Cellphone: Westworld at the AT&T Store

With Westworld season 2 premiering a few weeks ago, Geeks A Gogo stopped by the AT&T store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL to see the store decked-out to celebrate the hit show. It was an awesome experience that included an interactive map, a player piano that takes requests of songs from the show, an incredible VR experience that takes you into the park, and even props that any fan would recognize from the show!

The experience starts when you enter the store, passing the giant statue, you reach the booth near the front, where you'll take your personality test. Select your Westworld pass card--black or white. Then walk around the store and use your pass to give you access to the map of the park, or request a song from the player piano's playlist:

As well, the store had props from the show, which included some original costumes, such as the Man in Black's suit and hat, Clementine's dress, and several of Delores' outfits. As well, there were a lot of smaller props--some of which were replicas of items that you see on the show:

One of the most enjoyable parts was the VR experience that was set up near the back of the store. This featured an interactive story that gives you the experience of a visitor to the Westworld theme park--and shows you what happens when things don't go as planned.

The WestWorld Experience will be at the AT&T store at 600 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL through this season of WestWorld. Look for more updates to the exhibit throughout the season.

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