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Board Game Review: Plaid Hat Games' Stuffed Fables

If you follow a lot of board games sites like I do the then you will notice there has been a lot of talk lately about Stuffed Fables. Well the big question is “Is the hype real?” Well let’s dive in and check this game out.

Stuffed fables is a Cooperative adventure game for 2-4 players who take on the rolls of brave stuffies seeking to save the child they love from a scheming, evil mastermind. Players roll and assign color-coded dice to perform a wide variety of actions, from daring melee attacks to desperate leaps across chasms. All of the actions take place in the unique storybook, a book that acts as your rules reference, story guide, and game board all in one.

This game is designed by Jerry Hawthorne and published by Plaid Hat Games. These are the same people who created the very popular and similar game Mice and Mystics. Unlike Mice and Mystics which used tiles to set up your game board Stuffed Fables uses the actual story book as the game board. Each adventure in the game takes place over several pages of the beautiful Story Book.

This is one beefy game. The box probably weighs a good 5 pounds and is packed with some great stuff.

Game play for this game is quite simple. On a player’s turn, they draw five random dice from the dice bag. The colors of the dice determine the types of actions available to the player. Anything from attacking, movement, searching and or getting more stuffing which is equivalent to your life points. There is also the dreaded black die which will go on a threat track. If the threat track gets high enough minions will emerge and attack.

Well is the Hype real? Well I guess it depends on what your plans are for this game. I was able to try this game out with my two girls (Chloie age 14 and Paige age 8). And they absolutely loved it. This is a super easy game to teach and is a great family activity. I’m really glad I bought it for a family game. With that being said though this is not a game that I will be pulling out for my board game group. And I know a lot of people will argue with me and say this is a great game for gaming groups. I don’t disagree that this is a great game, but at the end of the day it is a kid’s game.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this game. Be sure to drop us a line and let us know what you think.

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