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In Case You Missed It - #SchoolOfRagnarok: Jack Black Challenges Chris Hemsworth

Three days ago - comedian, Jack Black challenged Chris Hemsworth to a "Battle of the Jams". Jack Black claims on his Instagram post (link below) that Chris Hemsworth, "stole 'Immigrant Song'" from him, as he has made this his most memorable song from his 2003 movie - The School of Rock. He aptly tagged the Instagram post - #TheSchoolOfRagnarok

Here's what Jack Black had to say about the song being featured on the Thor: Ragnarok promos: .

Unfortunately for Jack Black, Chris Hemsworth awkwardly responded, "You challenged me to a 'Battle of the Jams'... I don't know what that means!".

Chris Hemsworth says, "We stole 'Immigrant Song' from you. But guess what? You stole it, too. And as Oscar Wilde once said - 'Talent borrows and genius steals.' So, we're both guilty of the same crime. We would have used you song, but as you said in your song - 'This is not the greatest song in the world...". YIKES!

Jack Black then leaves us with this "jam" video in response.

It's been a few days and we're still awaiting for Chris Hemsworth's response. Do you guys think it will ever come? And when it does....

Take our poll and let us know who will win!

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