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Thor: Ragnarok Opening Weekend Party in Chicago (and Spoiler-Free Review)

Geeks a Gogo dropped by the Davis Theater in Chicago for an opening weekend party for the new Marvel film, Thor: Ragnarok. The event was sponsored by the folks at We Are Cosplay, and C2E2, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Exposition. We are Cosplay had some representatives on site cosplaying characters from the film, such as Odin and Valkyrie. The big event was a raffle with some awesome prizes—including a prize pack with stickers and a Funko Pop, 2 one-day C2E2 tickets, and a grand prize with a 3-day C2E2 pass.

As for the film, Thor: Ragnarok was amazing. It was one of the best Marvel films so far, bringing together a lot of the things that make Marvel’s film universe great. It was a film with a lot of weight to it in the greater scheme of the Marvel Universe, with events that will impact the films to come, yet it was also a very funny movie. Chris Hemsworth’s portrayal of Thor was light-hearted and fun for much of the film, yet convincingly serious during the multiple scenes of narrative gravity throughout this movie. The same is true of Tom Hiddelston’s Loki and Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk/Bruce Banner. Though, at times Jeff Goldblum really steals the show as the Grand Master. Goldblum’s Grandmaster is really one of the funniest, most amusing characters that we’ve seen so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s good to see a Thor film get the kind of critical praise that this film has received. Thor films often seem to get less recognition than other Marvel films, despite what we find to be a perfect blend of fantasy and science fiction. Ragnarok often tends more towards sci-fi, and feels in some ways a bit more like a Guardians of the Galaxy film with our heroes flying around in space ships and visiting a dystopian alien planet. This is, of course, inevitable as the individual parts of the Marvel universe converge as we come closer to the Infinity Wars films, which promises to be a crossover of all our favorite Marvel franchises. Overall, this was a fantastic film, and you definitely should see it to understand where Marvel stands as we come into the Infinity War movies.

If you missed this opening weekend event with We Are Cosplay and C2E2, you’ll have two more chances to attend one of their parties this year. They’ll be hosting similar events with give-aways for the Justice League film and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Both events will be at the Davis Theater. To find out more, follow We are Cosplay, C2E2, and Geeks A Gogo on Facebook.

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