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Geekin' on 66--Comics, Toys, and Antiques

Geeks a Gogo headed down Route 66 last weekend to visit Geekin' on 66 in Wilmington, IL. This inaugural event took over several blocks of downtown Wilmington, a lovely stretch that is full of antique shops. The streets were lined with vendors selling old comic books, toys, old video game systems, and food. There were even a few creatives who had set up shop--such as author Mandy Madrox, Tipsy Badger, and HDC Cosplay, which ran the event's cosplay contest.

Down the street from the main drag was a vendor hall, set up in the Wilmington Island Park District building. There one could find box after box of comics from vendors like Clutter. There was even something for gamers, such as the handmade dice bags from D20 Stitchery and game developer Limitless Adventures had a table full of their awesome guidebooks for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition.

And to top it off, if you are an antique lover, Wilmington is an amazing town. We spent almost as much time talking the artists and shopping at vendors' booths as we did looking at the amazing antique furniture and goods inside the stores lining the street.

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