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Adventures in the Upside-Down: Chicago's "Stranger Things" Pop-Up Bar

Geeks a Gogo journeyed into the dark, mysterious upside-down last week in search of the Demogorgon. But as you probably guessed from the title, we really just went for a drink called "Demogorgon" at the new Pop-Up bar in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood. Emporium, the bar known for their craft beer selection and video games, has transformed the space next to their Logan Square location into The Upside-Down--a tribute to the popular Netflix series, "Stranger Things".

The bar was decked out in a manner that fans will love. The front of the inside is fenced off, with warning signs telling visitors to say out of the restricted grounds of Hawkins National Laboratory. To enter the bar area, you'll pass through the entrance to Castle Byers, constructed from scraps of wood. Once inside, you'll step into the dark setting of "Stranger Things". There are several sights from the Byers home--including the famous alphabet wall, complete with colored Christmas lights. Look above you when you're waiting to order at the bar, for a glimpse of the Byers' dining room. The back of the stage is lined with strange equipment that one might see in a mad scientist's lab--just below a screen playing episodes from the show.

Then there's the bar. Be sure to check out the chalkboard, with the list of custom cocktails, that go for $10 each, which are tailor-made to fit the show. We sampled the fragrant, rum-heavy Demogorgon slushie, though the most popular drink appears to be Number 11's Eggo--a maple-sweetened slushie drink that comes with a wedge of waffle as a garnish.

You can visit the Upside-Down, located at 2367 N Milwaukee Ave in Chicago, through the month of September. Opening hours are from 5 PM-2 AM Wednesdays through Friday, and Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm-2am. Be warned that lines form pretty quickly, and that there is a good chance that you'll have to wait to get inside this popular spot.

From the cocktails to the decor, fans of "Stranger Things" will find everything they're looking for. Except for Barb. She's not there. She's dead. Accept it and move on.

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