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GENCON - The Big 50 (Day 1)

THURSDAY - Indianapolis, IN

We kicked off our much awaited Gen Con 50 weekend today. Already, there has been a huge group of people packed together at the Indiana Convention Center. 


This year is the big one! Gen Con has been around for years and has moved their location to Indianapolis from their original location in Geneva, WI (which is where the name GenCon originated from). 

No one is more loyal than gamers, and this year we have completely sold out tickets for all 4 days of the event. Thousands upon thousands of people from around 60 countries come to Gen Con each year to play and buy games with friends. And now it has evolved into a mega-con embracing cosplay and even expanding the convention to Lucas Oil Stadium to accomodate the number of people attending.

Gen Con has something for everyone. They have games for people young and old - ranging from light-hearted and easy games to really intricately detailed and ellaborate game playing.


We met with the gentlemen from DriveThruRPG and proud to announce that we will be partnering with them doing unboxing and reviews for games coming out in the market! So stay tuned for more gaming goodness in our blog and Youtube channel. 

Next, we stopped by Mythic Games at Gen Con booth 3063 to talk about Time of Legends- Joan of Arc. The sneak peak below is in French, but at least you get kind of an idea what it looks like and the phenomenal artwork that goes into the game. We'll also have a few pictures below. 

The kickstarter will go live in October 2017 this year. But GenCon attendees can play test it as soon as NOW! So head on over to their booth at GenCon to try out a couple of scenarios they have from the game that you can play under 1 hour.  We had so much fun that we're actually coming back again to try out the battle scenario from the game, as well as their game - Pantehon. We'll be posting the full feature on Time of Legends - Joan of Arc Soon!   

Another company we met up with is Game On Tabletop Game. They're a crowdfunding website that focuses on RPG (Role playing games), boardgames, etc. They're located at GenCon booth 1037.


First thing's first - grab a program and grab those coupon books! You wouldn't believe the amount of free stuff that you can get. And not to mention all the great discount and deals from the store.

Another really cool thing I found are scavenger hunts that you see around the convention floor and surrounding areas of the event where you can get free games! I love hunting down these things, and it's something a bit different to do other than sitting all day gaming. 

Take this Chameleon game scavenger hunt that I came across in at this Facebook Group page: 

Here was their clue -

Stay tuned for our Friday, Day 2 Coverage coming soon! 

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