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Walker Stalker: zombies coming to Boston

Zombie Mondays

The organizers of Walker Stalker, a science fiction/horror convention with a particular emphasis on zombies, will be coming to the Weston Boston Waterfront in Boston on August 19 and 20. Horror icon Bruce Campbell (the 'Evil Dead' series) and cast members from the 'Walking Dead' television series will among the guests speaking during the panel discussions there -- the list of familiar faces will include former 'Walking Dead' cast members Scott Wilson (Hershel) and IronE Singleton (T-Dog).

The event will also include a food drive spearheaded by Michael Cudlitz (Abraham from 'The Walking Dead'). Details are available here.

Photographer John Fulcher, with his tongue planted in his cheek, offered his thoughts on last year's event in Boston here (check out his pics of great Death Trooper cosplay).

My own thoughts on the experience, which included meeting cast members from the original 'Night of the Living Dead, are here.

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