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Retcon - Bringing Comics Back to Comicon

Geeks A Gogo dropped by Retcon today in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood. This was the first year of the event, which runs 2 days from August 12-13 2017 at the Baily Auditorium at 1340 W Washington Blvd. The event serves as a venue to display the works of independent comic artists and writers--and it certainly is a great place to discover independent comics and artwork. Many of the attendees were local authors and artists, though some came from as far afield as Los Angeles. This show has rows and rows of artists, and some vendors. It's perfect for comic book lovers.

Here are some of the artists and writers that were present at today's event. Please be sure to check out their web pages listed with each picture for more information and samples of their artwork and writing:

Now, though this convention focused mostly on artists, authors, and their work, there were some other cool things to be enjoyed. Of course, there were some local comic vendors--some of the best comic shops in Chicago came out for Retcon's first event:

And oddly enough, though we at Geeks A Gogo attend many, many comic conventions, this one had--by far--the best food of any that we had attended. Though there was a small selection, the prices were reasonable, and the food was incredible.

As well, there was a performance by Acrobatica Infiniti, panel discussions, and even an entire area dedicated to entertaining children. As of the time of publishing there is still time to enjoy day 2, on Sunday August 13th 2017. We hope to see you there!

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