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ConnectiCon XV -- July 6 - 9

A Cthulhu chainmal coif?  Why not?
Emotionally afflicted water Gem, Lapis Lazuli
Don't mess with him.....he know's what he's doing
Linda Belcher, Maka, and Princess Leia vie for the affections of their mystery paramour
Please give your name, race, and occupation.  "Dalek, Dalek, Dalek."
A droid won't tear your arms off when you ask for a pic
A matter of honor being settled
Queen Chrysalis

Fear not, for he has plenty of bubblegum

A Centauri couple tries to make sense of quaint 21st century Earth technology

I present to you: the Pinkiest of Pies

Pearl and Amethyst

Pokemon bellydance show

Darth Nihilus (Kotor 2).  He's just a man under that mask.
Connecticut's own Art the Hypnotist

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