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The Making of Myrrah (Gears of War)

After NWI Comic Con - my fellow teen cosplay judge, @PapabearCosplay, asked me and my friend Liz to join his Gears of War cosplay group for the Friday festivities at C2E2 happening a month from now.

This year, I wanted to challenge myself not only with my skill-set in creating cosplay, but being serious about budgeting. And besides, you have to admit that this is a pretty bad ass group of cosplayers that I'll teaming with and I have never collaborated with this group before.

Budgeting was really tough for me last year, especially when I entered the Crown Championship of Cosplay contest as Galacta: Daughter of Galactus. The materials and tools I spent cost me well over $500. Yikes! But, it all paid off in the end, as I was one of the 30 people selected to compete for the Chicago regional competition out of 300 other applicants.

Why choose Queen Myrrah?! Well, I have never really worn "villain" cosplay before, and her look is pretty awesome and hardcore. It's not the typical female armor that shows a lot of "skin". I think it stays true to what female armor is supposed to look like. Here's what I'm basing my cosplay out of:

One of the things I keep running into is second guessing myself when it comes to each portion of the armor. I'm turning more into a perfectionist when it comes to building this. But time is of the essence and I need to start building fast as I have less than 2 months to complete this.

Pinning down the foam not only gave me a preview of the placement of the designs, but it also helped me stabilize pieces that I'm gluing together.

Having issues with time and confidence was really taking its toll on my build.

Good thing that @PapabearCosplay has these weekend "build days" with the group he's put together! It was so much fun working and learning with everyone that day! And it provided the boost I needed to continue on with my project.

Derp face is strong in this one! LOL!!!

Look at our crew's awesome progress!!!! These are from Chris, Niq and Liz!!!!

More silly video of the build here.

More than 50% done at this point!

March 30 Update!

I really can't wait to paint all these now! Just have to get a garage heater and I should be set.

Keep checking back for more progress pics in the next few days, or follow our instagram account, @geeksagogo, for more updates!

Update (5/2/2017): Had so much fun competing in Crown Championship of Cosplay with my friends this year! Check out these awesome photos by Zatoyoshi Photography!!! Check out his Facebook page and follow here.

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