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Free Event: BoilerCon 2017 at Purdue Memorial Union (Lafayette, IN) February 18, 2017

Purdue Student Union Board

Purdue Memorial Union Room 268, 101 N Grant St, West Lafayette, Indiana 47906

It’s almost time for BoilerCon 2017! Come meet talented comic book artists and writers, take part in card and board game tournaments, see what our vendors have to offer, sign up for our cosplay contest, and enjoy panels of our special guests! The best part is, it’s free and open to the public! Stop by the Purdue Memorial Union on Saturday, February 18th, 12:30 pm – 6:30 pm for some fun!


Beauty and the Beast Voice Actors

o Paige O’Hara (Belle)

o Richard White (Gaston)

Team Starkid

o Brian Holden

o Meredith Stepien

o Joe Moses

o Jim Povolo

Cosplaying at BoilerCon? Be sure to see the rules before you come! BoilerCon Cosplay Rules • No profanity allowed. That includes messages on signs or clothes. • Costumes cannot promote alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, or firearms/weapons. • NO WEAPONS. All firearms/weapons, real or props, are prohibited from the event. • Costumes cannot be obscene or offensive, or endorse any form of hate. • NO NUDITY. All costumes should provide enough coverage to be worn in public and should be in good taste and appropriate for a family-friendly environment. • If costumes are deemed too revealing, you will be asked to cover up. • Gore and graphic violence must be minimal. Sign up for the cosplay contest either on our Facebook page or in our office in the Union at PMU 268! You will also be able to sign up at the event!

For more information about vendors, artists, writers, and more, check out their Facebook page in the near future!

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