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A Peek at 'Chaos Earth: Resurrection'

Zombie Mondays

We had a chat with Kevin Siembieda of Palladium about 'Chaos Earth®: Resurrection', which is a supplement to the pen-and-paper roleplaying game 'Chaos Earth -- a prequel of sorts to the company's flagship game Rifts. Rifts and related supplements feature an apocalyptic setting that blends elements of both science fiction and fantasy (mecha, magic, cyborgs and vampires rub shoulders in it).

Now zombie fans can get their living dead fix while playing the game too.

Q: What is the premise to Chaos Earth®: Resurrection and how does it connect to the core rules? Answer: The premise was to give the zombie genre the “Rifts treatment.” Taking the classic zombie and turning it into a Mega-Damage menace that makes sense. This was the brainchild of author, Taylor White and his vision of zombies made out of M.D.C. scrap. An undead legion of armored up zombies. Plus a few with a bit more smarts and cunning that made them dangerous predatory stalkers or surprise attack monsters. It is very cool with many elements of horror. And the artwork of Charles Walton II really brings out those elements of horror and the bizarre. Q: Will elements of its premise trickle up towards Rifts®? Answer: Heck, a nasty G.M. can drop the entire Chaos Earth Resurrection story line and zombies into Rifts® if he wants too. And yes, there is a twist and a legacy of evil and magic that can reach into the future to the Rifts Earth time period. Q: How are the Chaos Earth zombies different? Answer: Chaos Earth zombies are extremely different. For one, they are the product of Necromancy magic and Techno-Wizardry and “activated” by The Transmission. A broadcast signal from the Black Obelisk. The Transmission can drive the living who hear it insane, and causes the dead to rise. For another, the Chaos Zombies are an invasion force intended to conquer worlds and wipe out the living. The many varieties of Scrap Zombies created by these magical and mechanical sources are strange and dangerous Mega-Damage monstrosities. Ask yourself, what would a Juicer or Crazy zombie be like? Chaos Earth Resurrection has the answer to that question and many others. In the hands of a good Game Masters, the zombie invaders in Chaos Earth® Resurrection can be one of the darkest, creepiest, horror-filled campaigns you have ever experienced. Very fun and very different. Q: Will there be further zombie-focused expansions for the setting?

Answer: You'll have to wait and see, but we haveave all kinds of ideas for Chaos Earth and the Dark Age that followed. Answer: You’ll have to wait and see, but we have all kinds of ideas for Chaos Ear Stay tuned, if you dare.

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