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B-Scene: Poor Pretty Eddie.

Here is my very first review for B-seen and it is a sordid little title called "Poor Pretty Eddie" and it is just what it sounds like. The synopsis claims that it "Breaks the rules or b-rated psycho thrillers" and is a "Backwoods Redneck Nightmare" what more could you ask for right? The story follows Liz (Leslie Uggams) a big city country music celebrity who get stranded out in the backwoods. Here she is obsessed over by none other than Eddie (Michael Christian) who in turn is chased by his landlord Bertha (Shelley Winters). He holds Liz hostage treating her as his own little play thing. There are no real intense scenes and I don't see where it breaks the rules of B-rated psycho thrillers, unless they are referencing there is no real blood, no cool kills and no breasts, the three biggest ingredients. I will say there is plenty of screaming and loud weird noises but does build to a very explosive climax. The movie covers many cliché stereotypes and includes such great thespians as Slim Picken (Blazing Saddles) and good ol Lurch himself Frank Cassidy. If you are bored and looking for something to kill time that is unlike anything normal than I highly suggest giving it a view, the acting makes it all worth while.

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