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Captain Fantastic Review

Viggo Mortensen is Captain Fantastic and he portrays a super dad that is determined to raise his children away from civilization because of the corruption of the modern world.

Ben Cash and his wife Lesile have been raising their family in an isolated forest of the Pacific Northwest. Their family moto is Stick it to the Man and have been home schooling their children and educating them with subject’s such as Marxism, Martial arts, classical music and the M-theroy. Instead of celebrating Christmas their big holiday is Noam Chomsky day. The story is set in motion when Lesile commits suicide, who l eft her family a few months earlier to seek treatment for her mental illness. The eccentric family ventu res into the real world for the first time. During their road trip New Mexico the film portrays a lot of emotions towards capitalism.

By the end of the film Ben’ s views become controversial by the real world and beings to question what values are important in a family. It’s a great film and Mortensen stole the show with unconventional portal of parenting.

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