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SQUARRIORS – The epic comic book serial created by Team Ash and brought to you by Devil's Due centers around several clans of animals living in a world recently void of humans. Since the demise of humanity, the remaining animal life have become intelligent. The spark of rational thought creates internal struggle for these creatures; instinct versus reason.

“And the art… oh my god, the art. It is hyper-realistic, it is visceral, it is so goddamn beautiful.”

-Bloody Disgusting

“It would be very easy to call this story “Game of Thrones-meets-Watership Down-meets-Star Wars-meets-Walking Dead-meets-Fellowship of the Ring-meets-Mouse Guard,” etc. Squarriors is all of those things, and none of those things." - Slack Jaw Punks

"An impressive and professional-looking debut for a series that began life as a Kickstarter project." - IGN

See the artwork the way it was intended, and become immersed in the emotion, violence, and majesty that is SQUARRIORS.

Team Ash and Devil's Due want to give you a Squarriors experience like never before. Instead of a standard collector hardcover version of Squarriors Volume 1 Spring, we want to create anexclusive-to-Kickstarter oversize hardcover of the first volume of Squarriors. It is 30% bigger than the usual trade hardcover - 8.1625 inch x 13.325 inch!

Not only will you be getting Squarriors Volume 1 Spring as an exclusive oversized hardcover, you'll be helping get Squarriors Volume 2 Summer on the shelves of your LCS starting this May.

Volume 2 Covers

Squarriors: Summer #1 Variant Cover

*NOTE* - Squarriors: Summer #1 will be signed by Ash Maczko and Ashley Witter. This will delay delivery until June.

Risks and Challenges

The best part about this project is, the art for the over-sized, exclusive hardcover is DONE! All we need to do is print and ship. However, we understand that circumstances out of our control may happen, like sudden price increases, "Acts of God", etc. It is always possible that printing and manufacturing delays can happen, product can get lost in the shipping process, or human error may cause something to not be sent. That's why we've worked so hard to stay up to date with the latest tracking systems where we keep record of what has been sent, what is still pending, and any problems that may have transpired post-reward-sending.

You can view their kickstarter here:

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