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Kickstarter: LILACS, a One-shot Horror Comic by Gregory Thompson

Trembles Press announces the Lilacs Kickstarter to help fund a production run for comic

conventions and authors/artists events. Lilacs is a one-shot horror comic written by Gregory M. Thompson, illustrated by Sofia Hagen, and lettered by Jim McClain.

Lilacs is about Max, who runs into a lady selling lilacs and learns that some tell a different story about how his life will play out. Is it something to ignore? Or something to change his life by?

“I’ve always been fascinated by fate and the power of changing your own destiny,” says writer Gregory M. Thompson. “One thing that always stuck with me, whenever I thought about it, was who’s to say you weren’t meant to change your future at the exact moment you do. So I thought I’d share a snippet of what I think would happen in a one-shot comic.”

Gregory M. Thompson has many short stories published in print and online magazines and a few horror and sci-fi novels (Nightcry, Grandmother, The Golden Door, Indiscriminate, My Only One) released. He has a forthcoming comic short story appearing in a GrayHaven anthology.

Sofia Hagen is an actress and graphic designer from Sweden. She has done many book and

album covers for clients in the UK and Poland as well as branding campaigns for independent film posters. Alongside all this she was involved in a fashion and costume design collaboration with Cornelia Klien with whom she founded the label aFIN in 2011, and worked as a freelance spatial designer for the likes of Zaha Hadid in London and Odile Decq in Paris.

Jim McClain is a full-time math teacher who has always dreamed of working in comics. He is

the creator of Solution Squad, but is also a freelance letterer/designer whose first professional work was on Reading With Pictures: Comics That Make Kids Smarter.

Pledge possibilities range from $1-$100 and include things like Thompson’s previous books, an original short story written by him, copies of the Lilacs script, original art by Sofia Hagen, and more.

Please visit the Kickstarter page at or reach out to the contact below for further questions.

Contact Information:

Gregory M. Thompson




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