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'Walking Dead' March 6 episode review

Photo courtesy of AMC

Zombie Monday

Rick’s first words: “We have to fight (the Saviors).”

It wouldn’t make for an interesting show if they didn’t. I mean, “We have to talk things through,” or “We have to have a bake sale,” doesn’t have the same effect. As always, Morgan wants to talk first (though we know someone is getting a stick to the head). Frankly, if I were Carroll, I would not stop hitting that guy.

They’re going to be attacked, and they’re all walking around and sitting around near windows. Carroll gins up a romance with the Lennie from “Of Mice and Men” guy. Abraham wonders why dingle-berries are brown. I’ve missed the last two episodes, but I’m still amazed at how easy it is to penetrate a human, albeit undead, skull with a knife. Perhaps further research is in order?

Okay, it appears Rick passed the hump of madness and descended into full-blown chaotic-neutral amorality. In a raid scene derivative of Escape from New York, he executes a savior in his sleep. Glen does the same to two of them, but at least with some misgivings.

Now, I spent the weekend watching ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ There’s these scenes where four good guys take on a thousand orcs and uruk-hai and suffer nary a scratch. Tonight’s massive gunfight was like that. That Rick’s gang wouldn’t suffer a single loss seems a tad unrealistic.

“The Walking Dead” is a show of violence, and that’s what we watch it for. We got a lot of that tonight but, frankly, it seems the show is getting shorter and shorter. Along with “Talking Dead,” “Better Call Saul” promos and brief music montages, I doubt we’re getting forty minutes of real story in an hour.

I’ll finish off with this: Glen is mirroring Rick more and more in his actions, but seems to be hanging on to his humanity—something Rick has abandoned. I think he’s destined to eventually replace him.

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