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'The Walking Dead' Feb. 14 episode review

Zombie Monday

Going into the Feb. 14 episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ I was expecting them to pick up right where they left off with the story of being overtaken and escaping would drag on with no end in sight. I got exactly what I expected, the only difference was they turned it into a one-hour Michael Bay-style "let's blow stuff up and have long chaotic action sequence," which I must say was a bit disappointing -- I kept watching to try and figure out just what was going on.

One thing I had an issue with right from the get go was why no one heard any commotion when Darryl took out the guy behind the truck. You would think the guy would have given out some sort of alert but I guess not. Also I love the one RPG shot took out the entire biker clan like a nuclear bomb, it looks like yet another season of randomness and “hey, let's just make it work.”

I will still stand by the fact that Glenn should be dead – please, please just use him as a speed bump when running from the dead. I managed to make it through the episode without falling asleep though I did get a headache when Rick and the gang decided to finally confront the dead and we got the whirlwind of flailing weapons, beheadings, head smashing and dismemberment. I do not know how much longer they think they can drag this dead horse down the path but it looks like they are going to give it every last breath.

Maybe, just maybe this season will bring some stories full circle and get this ship on the right path, bringing them back to what made this show such a success -- survive the dead. No sappy back stories, no love stories and no “hey, let’s just see what happens” stories -- just plain old “us versus them.”

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