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This Valentine's Day, Give Her the Gift of Sheer Terror

To our readers in Illinois: still looking for that special gift that shows your significant other just how much you love them? Do you also like scaring the living crap out of him or her? Well, then you're in luck this Valentine's Day.

Basement of the Dead in Aurora is hosting a very special event this weekend (Feb. 13th & 14th) in honor of Valentine's Day. It's Valentine's Day in Wonderland. It's a special haunted house with an "Alice in Wonderland" theme--hosted by the Queens of Spades and Hearts.

If you want your lover to hold you tight, there are few things that will make it happen as fast as an axe-murdering bunny rabbit.

This is only a 2-day event, and tickets are disappearing. You can pick some up here at the official Basement of the Dead website. For a preview, check out their youtube video here:

And of course after that, go see Deadpool--which is out in theaters this weekend. Why wouldn't you? It's already certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes. I can't think of a better way to spend Valentine's Day.

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