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More 'Walking Dead' on Feb. 14

Zombie Mondays

The month of February contains a lot to look forward to for some – the Daytona 500, Super Bowl 50.

And of course, the Feb 14 premiere for the rest of The Walking Dead’s sixth season.

Much has been made of where the show left off, with the core characters’ latest haven being breached. How will the series put a different spin on this?

The only thing that comes to mind is that, despite the dire developments that ended last year’s run, the Rick Grimes and his comrades actually secure the place and stay. Perhaps even develop a stable, relatively strife-free community that now has to deal with only outside threats (think a stationary version of the Enterprise surrounded by zombies). Maybe it can just be The Waltons with gore, which is how a few of my friends less enamor

ed with zombies seem to view the program.

Of course, none of this is likely. And much has been made of the recent poster art which seems to hint at the broader permutations of the world in which these characters exist.

Will the producers and writers perhaps reveal, for example, the origins of the walking dead? The last episode of the first season seemed to hint (at least to me) that this could be dropped into a later season.

Since the series has never slavishly followed the continuity of the comic from Image, perhaps the writers could go their own way and reinvigorate the show’s approach and mythology.


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