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"I'm still rooting for you, Glenn"

For all you hardcore ‘Walking Dead’ fans who are loyal to the show, you may want to turn your heads now because here comes some reality. I hate to say this but it appears that the show has finally JUMPED THE SHARK.

This is always evident when someone is brought back from the dead, example Glenn. Now even though he never actually died I think that we can all say that he should have, this isn't his first time escaping death. He always seems to get himself into something that strands him or puts other lives at stake yet for some reason he miraculously find a way out (usually at the risk of others. When my best friend and I were watching the episode where it ended with Glenn apparently being eaten alive by the walkers my friend was upset because for some reason he roots for Glenn. He then inquired as to what chance there would be to bring Glenn back, I looked at him and said that the only way that can work is if they make it where the dead guy landed on top of him and that is what the walkers were actually tearing apart. We both slightly dismissed the idea seeing as though they could make the claim but it would be hard for most people to actually accept.

Here we are three episodes later, after suffering the extended episode where they waste our time with an over explained back story for Leonard, I ask you why? Why was it necessary to give such a detailed history of someone who isn't really that big of a deal? Then they follow up with an episode of basically nothing happening just to kill time. Let us not forget the episode where all they did was follow the "March of the Walkers". Then we finally reach the moment I was dreading, the totally obscure escape plan of Glenn to bring him back into the light. As I mentioned at the beginning, if the show finds a way to "bring someone back from the dead" in some miraculous way then it is time to face the reality that the show is on its way out.

I feel that season has generally been a waste up to this point, with multiple confusing storylines, almost complete predictability and lack of interest in bringing the show back to what it once was. I have been a reliable and supportive fan up until these last two seasons. It just looks like the producers have lost what it was they were going for and what made the show engrossing. The story lines seem to keep repeating themselves, they find a safe place and it gets overrun by walkers due to a breach in the wall by some outside interference. They find another safe haven which the same thing happens and then they wander around with too many stories to follow until they find a safe haven and guess what, once again there is a breach in the wall from outside interference and now we shall see what it is they do to get out of this one.

On top of that they always seem to ruin something that someone else has built and established to stay safe. Why does Rick and his gang of thugs always have to bully their way in? Haven't they noticed that when they mess with what is in place they seem to make it worse?

I have no idea what it is they can do to bring back the excitement, originality and interest since they have done so much to dismember what they worked so hard to build. Here's hoping.

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