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Zombie Mondays -- a review of the fifth episode of The Walking Dead's sixth season

Zombie Mondays

If you’re going to forget only one episode of The Walking Dead, make it this one. It is, by all measures, a complete dud. No, Glenn (nor a walking dead version of Glenn) does not return. In fact, he’s barely even mentioned. Ep 5 is what I’ll call a “housekeeping” episode—one that exists only spotlight the gray little lives of the supporting cast.

The bulk of the walkers have been led away, pied-piper style, by Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham. However, they’re still unaccounted for. Where are they? Nobody knows. Oh yeah, Maggie is pregnant (but everyone already knew that) and is still hoping Glenn is alive. Understandable, since she didn’t get to see his evisceration scene. She and another guy (Aaron?) discover a tunnel which they figure will lead past the walkers. It doesn’t, but we get to witness a genuine sewer zombie in its natural habitat.

Straggling walkers have peeled off from the main group and are clawing their digits at the walls of Alexandria. The occasional one gets in and, in one case, is harshly dealt with by Deanna (Captain Janeway). Incidentally, Deanna is the only one who hasn’t caught on to the “go for the cranial-ocular cavity” rule. Carl tussles with another kid over something, who threatens to tell his dad on him.

So where does that leave us? Exactly where we were two weeks ago.

Next week: Carol fixes a scrumptious dinner with cardamom, egg whites, and noodle ramen.


John Fulcher

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