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Geek Bar Beta Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

I had the pleasure of being a part of the 1 year celebration at Geek Bar Beta last night. I also spoke with Geek Bar Beta owner, David Zoltan, told about his plans for upcoming Geekbar events, and showed me a few things they were preparing that night in the kitchen.

First fo all, let's talk about the food: Dave gave me a generous sample the chocolate gnache with strawberry gel syrup. It melted just like butter in my mouth! I ordered another one and scarfed it down too fast that I forgot to take a picture. Trust me, it is THAT good!

Then sampled some favorites on the menu, such as the "Moon of My Life" - a really tasty, 3-cheese grilled cheese which makes the perfect comfort food for the cold autumn weather we're experiencing this weekend, and Scott's Tots - crispy tater tots with shreds of their succulent roasted pork shoulder, pork jus, cheese, scallions, and sour cream. And there's also the delicious burgers - Royale with Cheese (double-cheese burger) and John Marston (made with their delicious pork belly). These were all excellent dishes.

I also tried one of the drinks from their unique cocktail selection:the refreshing Benedict Cucumberpatch. This is a drink made from green tea, cucumber and giger beer combo that comes as either a cocktail or a mocktail.

All throughout the one-year anniversary weekend celebration, they are serving $1 prosecco spritzer or red wine with some of the food items they have on the menu. It was an excellent meal, and I recomend getting down to Geek Bar Beta right away to check it out.

After a great meal, I spoke to Dave as he reflected on the past year since Geek Bar Beta first opened: "Geek Bar is all about the culture. It's is always evolving. We love to keep up with what's new and what's exciting. Our mission has always been to celebrate Geekdom in all its forms - making it front and center everyday. Indeed, Geek Bar is more than just a "themed- bar", it has made a huge impact in the geek cuture out here in Chicago. "

In light of the circumstances that led to the second fundraising efforts to keep the restaurant alive (see our article here), I congratulated them with the huge sucess and the tremendous support from the geek community out here in Chicago as well as from all over the country. "We had supporters from Neenah, WI and New Jersey," said David. "It's been a tough year, but we have gotten stronger!".

There was also a small performance by Acrobatica Infiniti Circus.

So what's in store for Geek Bar? David said that they have updated to a faster wifi system in the restaurant in hopes of creating a new haven for people to come and work in or do home work in throughout the week. " I would like our customers to have the chance to work from the Geek Bar environment, and I'm currently looking for companies to anchor that.". David thinks this will be a great opportunity of people with the same interest to collaborate and network.

For Halloween festivities, the bar will have a free, open party all day long! "There will be small bites all day! And of course, we're already trying to create a special menu for the event." Other events coming up will be the Back To the Future event, Windy Con ( they are working on a drink with Evil League of Evil for the Best Drink in the Room Party) and possibly Valor Con.

Stop in today at Geek Bar Beta and celebrate with David and the rest of the crew! And once again, congratulations on your one year anniversary, Geek Bar Beta!

Geek Bar Beta

1941 W North St, Chicago, IL, Chicago, Illinois 60622

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