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The Geek Brunch You Have to Attend in Chicago

I had the pleasure of attending Geek Girl Brunch - Chicago Chapter's event today at Cozy Corner Cafe in Logan Square. The theme this month is Sailor Moon.

But keep in mind that the group name shouldn't deceive you - these events are not just for the femme geeks to partake in.

"Today's event highlight for me is seeing everyone excited about Sailor Moon!", said Sarah - one of the Geek Girl Brunch Chicago chapter officers.

Around 20 ladies attended the event in a jam-packed Cozy Corner Cafe in Logan Square. At this beautiful Sunday mid-morning event, everyone had such a great time talking about Sailor Moon and eating a smorgasbord of breakfast food. In attendance is Geek Girl Chicago - Lauren, and Yasmin of

Did you see the cute outfits?! It was just what I needed to end my weekend :) I'm loving that I actually get to wear this Sailor Venus Mask made by Sarah, and the cute ribbon clip made by Taylor - two of the four officers of Geek Girl Brunch Chicago.

Brunch was followed by a short trip to Nakama Toys. You couldn't help but gush over all the cute Sailor Moon items in the store!

I got to know more about the ladies from the Geek Girl Brunch Chicago Chapter.

When I asked the ladies what's the best thing about hosting the brunches every other month -

Ashley: It's amazing to see that there's so much girl power in the geek community.

Sarah: Being able to nerd and geek out with people who have positive, like-minded geeks in the area is amazing. This is such a great group, and you always experience such a welcoming atmosphere. In the beginning, I didn't really have a group of my own and now I'm among a group of quirky, nerdy girls.

Taylor: Geek Girl Brunch started early this year (about February/March 2015), and the group has been so amazing that we understand each other really well. What I love about it is when I travel to other cons in different states, I try to meet up with the other ladies from the local chapter.

Mercedes: I love meeting other people. You get to know new people who are interested particularly with the theme that we pick for the event.

Taylor: These events gives us an opportunity to translate our hobbies into something functional. Makes me feel like I have a purpose for the community and it helps break the gap. And the event themes are pretty flexible - you can apply to what you want the title to be.

What's your dream brunch?

Sarah: My dream brunch would have to be Avatar The Last Airbender or video games as an overall theme.

Taylor: X- Files and Sleepy Hollow.

Mercedes: Anything fantasy! I love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings...

Ashley: Mass Effect! And I can't wait for the game to come out.

Some of the ladies' "Core" geekness was a lot different from what I expected -

Taylor: Other than Dr. Who, there's something about Scarlet Pimpernel that I find so interesting. I also love a lot of sci-fi shows and movies. I also like shows like Quantum Leap and Highlander.

Sarah: My "core geekness" would have to be fantasy anything and amazing pieces of animation (examples being Avatar The Last Airbender, Over The Garden Wall, Journey the video game).

Ashley: Mass Effect! I just can't stop thinking about it.

Mercedes: Fantasy! Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

Since Halloween is coming up, I was curios to find out what everyone was dressing up as -

Mercedes: My friend and I will be Cindy and Brenda from Scary Movie! Their friendship dynamic in the movie is just like ours.

Taylor: I think my husband and I will be Mulder and Scully from the X-files, although I'm not sure what I'll dress up as at the Sleepy Hollow Halloween Party my husband and I are hosting.

Ashley: I'm thinking Cat Woman. I've had this outfit for a long time and I was supposed to wear this at C2E2 this year.

Sarah: Sara from Over the Garden Wall. This series is near and dear to my heart so I can't wait to be her for Halloween!! You should definitely watch the series!

For more about the lovely ladies of Geek Girl Brunch Chicago, check out their websites -





So what's next for Geek Girl Brunch Chicago?

They will be having a cosplay tutorial on October 25th - BRING YOUR COSPLAY PROJECTS!!! or simply come on over to learn a new craft or be a spectator.

The upcoming theme will be Back to the Future! Stay tuned for more information and events at the following links below -


To see more events like these, check out our geek events calendar!

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