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Gen Con 2015 Tabletop Gaming Showcase

We're seeing some great tabletop games here at Gen Con this weekend. There's still time, if you can make it down here. Check out some of these vendors and games.

Let's start with Chaosium--one of my all time favorite game publishers.

Here's their new game, Cthulhu Wars:

And a new version of an old Call of Cthulhu adventure, Horror on the Orient Express, which won two Ennis this year. Well deserved for this new version of a classic scenario.

We saw some cool table-top games being played. Infinity looks awesome, and we hope to give it a try:

Deep Wars, from Antimatter Games is another great table-top mini game, which is on display in the main hall.

We played a great game called Zombicide, on a custom board made by a fan of the game. It looked great, and was a wonderful cooperative game. More to come about this game, but here are a few pics:

She ran the game for us:

We also saw a really cool-looking game called The King's Armory. It's a tower defence table-top game. Here a few pics of the game and the creator:

And a few Warhammer minis, of course:

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