My Father, the Hero and Your Father, the Villain

June 22, 2015



Today, everyone from all over the world is celebrating Father's Day.


Being the daddy's girl that I am, I look up to him and he's my source of inspiration.

He truly is MY HERO!!!



He reminded me of Steve Rogers (aka Captain America, well in this case my dad is Captain Philippines. Ha ha!).  


He started out being a scarwny boy from a small town and ended up being an awesome, sucessful family man. My dad has quite a story to tell about his upbringing and his road to being the successful person that he is today, being looked-up to by his children


Just out of curiosity, I decided to take the group forums and check out what other geeks have to say about their dads.


I see I'm not the only one who shares this sentiment -






And some had fond memories of their dad -





And then some liken their dads to characters like the Wolverine -


















Some went with how they looked in real life-











And some, I'm not quite sure of -




































But unfortunatley for some, the topic doesn't sit quite well with some geeks.


They just all-in-all "the bad guy"














Some geeks think their dad is like Tony Stark -like the Demon in the Bottle version of Tony Stark:













And Duff Man -

































And apparently Captain Morgan is now a comic book character -





Some had fathers who had the power to be invisible and teleport - 




















A very  sexy disappearing dad? 








And a "shitty version of Squirrel Girl", apparently -








 And some, you'd pray that you will never see angry!












And some think they'd be in the back ground - 










And some hoped that no one would say Thomas Wayne ...



But unfortunately...











But hopefully no matter what version your dad was in your life , whether super hero or foe, I hope you had a great Father's Day! Or simply, I hope you had a great Sunday! 



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