June 17, 2015



The Midwest Premier of Charles Busch’s






"Good as Game of Thrones is, it's no replacement for enjoying your medieval fantasy drama... Otherworld Theatre's lavish production of Queen Amarantha beats HBO any day of the week." - Theatre in Chicago



Queen Amarantha, the daughter of a barbaric warrior king, tries to emerge from her father’s shadow. Uncomfortable with her society’s conventional female role, she frequently dresses as a man to freely wander her kingdom. When her enemies destroy her reputation through a manipulated scandal, Amarantha abdicates and runs away from her throne. She leaves the throne to her young and hopelessly weak ward, Roderigo, who becomes a pawn of Amarantha’s enemies, particularly her treacherous childhood friend, the Countess Thalia. Now Amarantha must choose between her freedom or saving the kingdom from ruin.


Queen Amarantha was originally produced in 1997 by the WPA Theatre. This production was directed by the playwright, Charles Busch and Carl Andress. Charles Busch originally started in the title role of Amarantha. 



City Lit Theatre


1020 W Bryn Mawr


Chicago, IL 60660



June 6th- June 28th, 2015

Thursday, Friday, & Saturdays 


at 7:30 PM



at 4:00 PM





Tickets are $20.00 and can be purchased here:




*This play features strong sexual content and partial nudity.

*Queen Amarantha (Charles Busch) is done with a special arrangement with Samuel French INC






Thalia                                             Mary-Kate Arnold*


Amarantha                                     Moira Begale


Edra                                               Grace Gimpel*


Roderigo                                         Dylan Schaefer


Earl of Moreland/Waldemar            David Servillo


Duke of Agar/Orvall                        Elliott Sowards*


Adrian                                             Brendan Stallings


Champion                                       Justin Verstraete








Playwright                                        Charles Busch


Director                                             Tiffany Keane*


Assistant Director                             Bennett Bottero*


Fight Designer                                   Kai Young*


Costume Designer and Armorer       Vanessa Waliko


Music Designer                                 Rachel Geistfeld


Costume Designer                             Elise Leonhardt


Dialect Coach                                    Mary-Kate Arnold*


*Denotes Otherworld Theatre Company Members






Here's a video from the production staff and cast of Queen Amarantha




Otherworld Theatre Company


Since their founding in 2012, Otherworld Theatre Company’s mission has been to create theatre dedicated to Science Fiction and Fantasy storytelling. Their first production, Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 was a smash hit, reaching over 500 patrons in just one weekend.


Of Dice and Men was their next successful hit, selling out the last two weekends of its run before traveling to perform at C2E2 and GenCon. In November 2014, The Aurora Project opened at the Right Brain Project which created an immersive theatrical experience in the form of a spaceship that surrounded the audience while they watched the play. From the moment the audience entered the space, they were greeted with visual delights such as projected starscapes and interactive holograms.


Otherworld Theatre Company is proud to announce its cast and production information for the Midwest Premier of Charles Busch’s medieval fantasy play Queen Amarantha.



About the Playwright:


Charles Busch is an American actor, screenwriter, playwright and female impersonator. He wrote and starred in his own Off- off-Broadway plays beginning in 1978, generally in drag roles. Busch’s play The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife, which debuted on Broadway in October 2000, received a 2001 Tony nomination for Best Play and ran for 777 performances. Busch received the Charlie Local and National Comedy Award from the Association of Comedy Artists in 1985 for “special contributions to the art of comedy”. He also received the Manhattan Academy of Cabaret Award in 1985 and 1993.




Find out more at -


Website: www.OtherworldTheatre.org


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OtherworldTheatre


Twitter: @OtherworldThtre


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsmsppAgXfNCZm8ZjRaz0uQ





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