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Morgan's Organs Book 3 - Now in Kickstarter

The Morgan’s Organs team returns again to Kickstarter to launch the third book of this independent comedy comic book series.

Morgan’s Organs follows university student, Morgan, and the operators of his internal body systems as they struggle to work together to help him tackle all aspects of life and growing up. It’s like Pixar’s Inside Out but for grown-ups.

Morgan’s Organs began in 2016 as a comic book after three years of creative development by the series writer and creator, Daniel Brodie. Daniel initially pursued the concept as a television show, but changed course and re-developed it as an ongoing comic book series, partnering with artist Robert Jennex to lead the design, and eventually adding Tyler Kelting to the roster as colourist. Over two campaigns, this team has raised more than $12,000 CAD from over 420 backers, and they’ve sold over 1,300 books to fans worldwide. Recently, the books were included as set props in the Canadian television series starring Jason Priestley, Private Eyes.

In Book 1, Morgan's two "heads" of the body clash for control of Morgan's decision-making, all while Morgan battles pressure to end a dry spell.

In Book 2, Morgan deals with the pains of swallowing something he shouldn't, and the consequences it would have for the organs as it moves through his digestive system.

Book 3 takes Morgan’s Organs in a completely new direction as Daniel pushes the limits of storytelling in comics. Inspired by Christopher Nolan’s hit movie, Memento, Book 3 is structured as two sequences of events interspersed, where the full story only comes together when the two sequences meet at the end of the book, creating one complete and cohesive narrative. In this story, the organs wake up after a night of heavy drinking to find a crime has been committed, and they must piece together the events of the previous evening to get to the bottom of this. You can see a preview of book 3 here.

While the series does tackle mature themes suited to an adult audience, the main intention of Morgan’s Organs is to say something honest about human nature from a fresh and humorous perspective.

Check out the Morgans Organs Kickstarter here.

Morgan's Organs Kickstarter 2019

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