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GET YOUR LOOT ORGANIZED! Writable, Reusable Item Cards for D&D DM's and Players

Gear cards are writeable and reusable cards created by Mythologic Gaming.

Although some of the cards have their set item or loot type, there are also some blank cards that you can personalize.

What I love about these cards is you can use it as a DM and hand over the card to your players when they obtain an item during their scenarios. The DM can also write on these cards and keep it to keep track of what the party has. Personally, when I use these cards, I would place them on a baseball card holder to keep track of all of my player's items. These cards are also compatible with DnD 5e.

The cards also include great artwork corresponding to the type of gear/material it represents. It is also double-sided and very customizable. During gameplay, it's very useful to have these around to keep track of activations of item abilities, uses per day, and conditions--such as when your item has become broken. These can be tricky to keep track of, but having a card to handle that makes things much easier.

My hope is that down the road, I hope that they can come up with other designs to include other TTRPG platforms like Starfinder or Call of Cthulhu, though these can be used in other games without much trouble.

The final day for this Kickstarter is on January 1, 2021.

You can check out the Kickstarter here.


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