Faza: A Space Apocalyptic Board Game Promoting Diversity

Geeks a Gogo recently received a preview copy of Faza, a new cooperative tabletop board game that's currently on Kickstarter. Faza tells the story of an alien invasion of earth, in which humans fight off the invaders with the help of a faction of alien rebels.

Players get choose a character and work together using their character's strengths to destroy the 3 alien mother ships. The game can be played on multiple difficulty levels, with a game board that can be rearranged into multiple configurations, giving the game a lot of replay value.

On top of that, the game has a really great retro sci-fi style and nicely-designed pieces.

Game Designer: Benjamin Farahmand

Illustrator: Scott Chantler

Graphic Designer: Anthony Amato Jr.

Copy Editors: Marcie Brozyna, Samuel Farahmand

Check out our video below for an unboxing and rules demonstration:

We know it's quite a long video, but here's a timeline to make navigating it easier -

Video Timeline

Unboxing - 0:58 Initial Game Setup - 4:27 Sample Game play Team Phase - 11:16 Faza phase - 15:55 Beating the Ship - 19:45 Final Thoughts/Review- 25:04

Here's pictures we took while filming the game review:

Check out FAZA now in Kickstarter!

Winner of The Game Crafter's Big Box Challenge and Staff's Pick, Boston Fig Showcase Game Winner, and Boston Fig's Best Hobby Game

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