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Becoming the Frosthaven Banner Spear

Last year I worked with Cephalofair Games to cosplay a character from their upcoming game Frosthaven. We debuted the costume for their announcement of their Kickstarter for Frosthaven at Pax Unplugged in Philadelphia list past December. I had so much fun creating the Banner Spear costume and working with the fine folks at Cephalofair's booth!

I know some of you might ask me - do I even play Gloomhaven? And the answer is, YES! '

This is how I came about talking to Cephalofair Games and showed my interest regarding cosplaying a character from their game. Originally I reached out to them to cosplay my favorite starter race from the game called Orchid Spellweaver. And if you ask me, unfortunately, we're not done with this game yet. But don't lie because I know most of you are not done playing this game either! LOL.

I normally gravitate to magic-type RPG characters, but occasionally play a "tank" like character in our gaming sessions. So when they asked me to cosplay as the Banner Spear, I was more than thrilled to accept the assignment.

Here's a few information about the Banner Spear Race -

Now I'm not going into too much detail of everything because it's all in the video below.

I will tell you that Frosthaven is a stand alone game for 1 - 4 players, 30 minutes per player per game (about 45 to an hour for each encounter when play Gloomhaven at home) and ideal for ages 14 and up. You can find more information about the game and Kicstarter here.

Frosthaven Kickstarter


If you are a Gloomhaven/Frosthaven fan and you attended Pax Unplugged in 2019, you might find yourself in the video below!

Also- I showed quite a few cosplay making techniques in this video that I'm sure you will also enjoy and learn from.

And lastly, watch me sprinkle snow on a surprised Tom Vasel from Dice Tower while he was on stage during the Frosthaven announcement panel at Pax Unplugged. (They made me do it!, I swear).

Thanks so much for watching! You can find more of my cosplays here -

Frosthaven Board Game

Here is the link for the giveaway!

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