Pocket Con 2019

November 21, 2019



On Nov 16, 2019, Pocket Con took place in the Chicago Cultural Center. It is a free, single-day convention in Chicago. This is a very family friend convention focused on Chicago youth.



Pocket Con is different then other local cons is that this features work by underrepresented groups. The con is on one floor of the Culture center.



It is a large artist gallery that have many booths. There was over 60 artist there. Some of the type of work one will see at this con are small press and self-published authors, web comics creators, animators, small-budget filmmakers, fashion designers, and local cosplayers.


Pocket Con is a great place to locally network and they teach and show young people how to start on their creative journey.


This con had a lot of fun activities for everyone. They had a Cosplay contest, video game tournament, dance battles, live music performances, trivia, and workshops. This con had good attendance and everyone had a fun time with their families and with local talents. Also it is located in a great venue. It will be exciting to see this con grow in the future.

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